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Week 11 Late Games Predictions and Patriots Rooting Guide Open Thread

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your rooting guide for the Week 11 late games!

4:05 PM EST

Chiefs (-3) at Chargers: Kansas City is slowly emerging with three straight wins, including victories over the Steelers and Broncos. The Chiefs host the Bills at Arrowhead in week 12. I want the Chiefs firing on all cylinders at that point. Go Chiefs!

4:25 PM EST

Packers at Vikings (-1): Can you believe that Minnesota is a favorite over Green Bay? Yikes. The Packers have been sleepwalking for a while, but the Vikings are turning into a sneaky good team with back-to-back wins over the Rams and the Raiders. Are they a contender? Probably not, but I would rather the Vikings make the playoffs than the Packers. Go Vikings.

49ers at Seahawks (-13): This has zero impact on the Patriots. Go 49ers for the sake of making this not a snoozefest?

8:30 PM EST

Bengals at Cardinals (-5): It's extremely easy to root for Arizona in this match-up to further distance the Patriots away from the Bengals. Any extra losses will help. Go Cardinals!