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Tom Brady's Passing Mechanics are Influenced by Baseball

The Patriots quarterback is all about providing consistent results.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has used a throwing coach throughout his career. Tom Martinez was Brady's throwing coach from high school until his passing in 2012, whereupon Tom House took up the job, making "Tom" one of the greatest names in the history of sports mechanics.

Brady spends his offseason and his time off with these coaches to improve his throwing mechanics and to make his throwing motion as consistent as possible. Brady is 38-years-old and in the midst of one of the greatest seasons in his career and his consistency is his calling card.

Every single pass offers the same throwing motion, making Brady more robot than man. It's clear that the Patriots gunslinger wanted to work on his deep ball accuracy this offseason and he's quickly moved from middle-of-the-pack to top-of-the-league in just one year.

ESPN's Sports Science looked into Brady's mechanics to determine how or what makes each throw so accurate, noting that most quarterbacks have to give up power for accuracy.

"That as their movements increase speed, they become less accurate. But Brady's remarkably consistent mechanics produce a throwing motion that, no matter the location of the pass, consistently takes 0.39 of a second. This precision timing enables him to maintain his mechanics even when throwing crossing patterns at 61 miles-per-hour, about 10 miles-per-hour faster than a typical hard pass in the NFL."

John Brenkus, the Sports Science host, notes that Brady's throwing motion is similar to a baseball pitcher's motion, which makes sense. House, Brady's throwing coach, is a former MLB pitcher and coach, where he worked to improve Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan's throwing motion.

By eliminating variance from his throwing motion, Brady is able to produce at a consistent level over and over and over again, and it shouldn't be a surprise that the offense has been the most consistent in the NFL over such a long period of time.

Watch the Sports Science clip below.