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Week 12 Patriots vs Broncos Fantasy Football Preview: Avoid Like the Plague

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The New England Patriots are currently playing Alec and Myself as the starting wide receivers across from Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski isn't too pleased. Seriously, if you have the opportunity to avoid this game, avoid this game.

Quarterbacks Brock Osweiler and Tom Brady will be facing the #1 and #2 defenses in the league. Osweiler wasn't asked to throw the ball more than five yards down the field. Brady wasn't given time for receivers to make it five yards down the field before he had to throw it away.

If Danny Amendola can play, he's the perfect player to carve up this defense, but his availability is in jeopardy. Keshawn Martin could thrive, but his hamstring is in question, and then rookie Chris Harper would also do well but he's an unproven rookie. Brandon LaFell is not a great match-up against this secondary as the Broncos have a good sideline defense.

Broncos receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders would be interesting plays, except they have 1) Osweiler throwing them the ball; and 2) have to face Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan who have shut down other top tier receivers.

The tight ends are slightly better. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski because someone has to receive the targets and Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis because head coach Gary Kubiak loves his tight ends and they can both handle the five-yards-down-the-field routes. Of course, the Patriots have shut down tight ends every single week, so who knows if Denver's tight ends will make any noise. The Broncos have been hit-or-miss against tight ends this year.

The reality is that the running backs will likely be given plenty of snaps to take the pressure off of the quarterbacks, but no one is a good fantasy option. The Broncos rotate Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson, while the Patriots would be better off playing James White, but will probably run LeGarrette Blount into a defensive wall 15 times this game.

So if you have Gronkowski, good for you. If you're relying on anyone else, may the waiver wires have mercy on your soul.

On a positive note, Stephen Gostkowski and Brandon McManus are probably going to lead the leagues in kicker points, so hooray.