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Week 12 Early Games Schedule and Patriots Rooting Guide

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The following games take place at 1 PM EST:

Bills at Chiefs: The Patriots don't really care which team wins this game because the Chiefs won't have much of an effect on the top of the AFC seedings, but would you rather see the Bills or the Chiefs in the playoffs? That's a tough question. Probably the Chiefs, right? Or, wait, the Bills? It's always good to see a divisional rival go down, so might as well root for the Chiefs.

Rams at Bengals: Easy enough to root for the Rams to rise up to the occasion and give the Patriots some breathing room at the top of the AFC.

Saints at Texans: I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for Houston to knock out the Colts atop the AFC South. Go Texans!

Buccaneers at Colts: See above. Go Buccaneers!

Chargers at Jaguars: I also want to see the Jaguars make the playoffs, so I'm hoping for a Jacksonville victory.

Vikings at Falcons: This has no impact on the Patriots, but would you rather the Vikings or the Falcons in the Super Bowl? I'm rooting for the Vikings for a shake-up in the NFC North.

Dolphins at Jets: Easy enough- root for Miami to win and the Patriots get the AFC East.

Giants at Washington: Root for Washington so the Giants have a steeper fight to get into the playoffs. Please please please don't let them into the playoffs.

Raiders at Titans: I'm rooting for Tennessee for the heck of it. It'll weaken the strength of victory for a few of the Patriots key rivals and it will boost the Patriots once they face the Titans later in the year.