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NFL Trade Deadline Summary: Nothing Happened, Teams Will Pretend No One Talked, League Should Move Deadline

After no team made a significant move with the trade deadline on the horizon, everyone participates in the same dance of denial.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing happened at the NFL's absurdly early trade deadline. The Broncos acquired tight end Vernon Davis yesterday. That was the extent of the trades.

The league really should think about pushing the deadline back through week 10 or 11 of the season. Teams won't be willing to trade players if they think they'll have a shot of making the playoffs, but the phones will ring if anyone is eliminated.

Apparently the Denver Broncos were trying to clear up cap space so they could trade a 1st and 2nd round pick to the Cleveland Browns for left tackle Joe Thomas and a 4th round pick. It didn't happen.

Apparently the New England Patriots were working the phones to try and acquire Jason McCourty. It didn't happen.

Calls were made, rumors were spread, but ultimately nothing happened. And now teams will pretend like nothing was ever in the works.

"We didn't have any trade offers for Generic Player," Generic General Manager said after the 4 PM deadline. "We're really excited to have Generic Player be a part of our organization and believe he can help us win."

"I've always wanted to be a part of Generic Team Under .500 With No Foreseeable Hope," Generic Player said. "It's been my dream to help them win. I'm not a quitter. Whatever happens, happens."

Roughly 65% of the NBA and MLB seasons are over before the league's deadline, and it's roughly 75% for the NHL.

The NFL places it after week 8, or when slightly less than 50% of the season is complete. This is an improvement as the trade deadline used to be week 6. If the NFL ever wants the trade practice to compete with the other leagues, they seriously need to move it to week 10 or 11.

Trades are exciting for fans because it lets the mind wander with limitless possibilities. There's only so many times fans can read the 30-year-old receiver to the Patriots?! article (if it's not Larry Fitzgerald its Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson) before the whole experience just becomes noise.

I find it exciting when the Patriots trade for players like Jonathan Casillas and Akeem Ayers, or Jonathan Bostic and Akiem Hicks. Michael Williams has been a blast to watch.

But that's not everyone's cup of tea. If the league really wants to see valuable assets fly around the league with the trade deadline, they need to move it to when teams are either committing to a postseason push, or preparing for the next season.