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New England Patriots Aren't Allowed to Field a Healthy Offense

Injuries have taken a major toll on the Patriots offense.

After starting off the year with an offense that rivaled the 2007 Patriots, the team has come back down to earth. Well, they've been forced down to earth, really. This is some Final Destination stuff right here.

Since the Patriots absurdly early week 4 bye, the offense has been hit with a major injury on a nearly weekly basis. And for the record, I'm only looking at the offense- the defense has a right to complain, too.

Week 5 Cowboys: Left tackle Nate Solder lost for the season with torn biceps.

Week 6 Colts: Left tackle Marcus Cannon is sidelined for four weeks with a toe injury, left guard Shaq Mason misses the next two games with a knee injury.

Week 7 Jets: No injuries, but wide receiver Brandon LaFell returns from the PUP! Minor reprieve!

Week 8 Dolphins: Right guard Tre Jackson injuries his knee and misses the next three games.

Week 9 Washington: Running back Dion Lewis is lost for the year with an ACL injury, left tackle Sebastian Vollmer misses the next game with a concussion.

Week 10 Giants: Wide receiver Julian Edelman is out for the rest of the regular season with a foot injury.

Week 11 Bills: Wide receiver Aaron Dobson is lost for the season with an ankle injury, while wide receiver Danny Amendola is lost for an indefinite period of time with a sprained knee.

Week 12 Broncos: Tight end Rob Gronkowski makes us hold our breath.

This isn't factoring in center Bryan Stork hurting his neck in the preseason, or fullback James Develin injuring his shin. It's not including tight end Michael Williams (knee) or wide receiver Keshawn Martin (hamstring) or interior lineman Ryan Wendell (knee), who were injured during practice sessions. Only Solder, Wendell, Lewis, and Dobson have definitely been lost for the rest of the year.

But this is a long season and the Patriots need to make sure every player is healthy for the final stretch. I won't hold it against Bill Belichick if he gives every injured player an extra week off, just to heal.