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Monday Morning Injury Update: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Believed to Have "No Structural Damage"

Let's keep the injury news rolling in. After reporting that New England Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower is believed to have suffered an MCL sprain that could sideline him from 2-8 weeks, there is some positive news on the Rob Gronkowski front.

Immediately after the game, Gronkowski was spotted walking around the locker room and his injury was not believed to be serious. He is having an MRI this Monday morning, but the outlook is good.

If the Patriots are able to leave this game without a serious injury to Gronkowski, this would be a major exhale for the team. Outside of Tom Brady, Gronkowski is the most irreplaceable player on the roster and the team's success goes with his availability.

It's likely that Gronkowski will miss a couple weeks, if these initial reports are correct, but with Danny Amendola looking to return soon and Scott Chandler (gulp!) in the wings, the Patriots should have the offensive players to at least be competitive until their All Pro tight end is able to return.