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Week 9 Final Injury Report: Offensive Line Depth Stretched Dangerously Thin

Help us Bryan Stork, you're our only hope.
Help us Bryan Stork, you're our only hope.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots will be struggling to field enough bodies to form an offensive line and are 1 injury away from full on panic mode. So I would expect to see at least 1 offensive lineman added to the 53 man roster. Two candidates would be the original starting center Bryan Stork and practice squad player Chris Barker. The impending roster moves will be reported on as soon as they are announced.

Here's the full injury report:

The best way for the Patriots to protect the patchwork OL is quick passes to the perimeter. The Patriots will definitely win that battle if they can effectively make it 7 vs. 7. I do have some concerns with pass protection holding up, mainly because of potential communication issues with the injuries piling up. Stork may need to suit up at guard in the interim because one position they have depth is center. If the Patriots can weather the storm for a couple weeks, their HFA chances will be fine.