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Halftime: Patriots jump out to 17-3 lead on Redskins

The Patriots lead the Redskins 17-3 at halftime after mistakes from both sides have kept this match-up entertaining, if nothing else.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a bit of a hectic first half, but the New England Patriots lead the Washington Redskins 17-3 after 30 minutes of football in week nine.

The Patriots would begin the game by driving straight down the field for a touchdown and a 7-0 lead on a Tom Brady to Julian Edelman short throw. The touchdown could have happened a bit earlier had it not been for a egregious drop by Dion Lewis, who was wide open in the end zone after a beautiful double move and perfectly placed ball by Tom Brady.

New England then pulled a move we haven't seen them do before - by going for a surprise onsides kick.

However, they would proceed to shoot themselves in the foot, with Julian Edelman fumbling after a reception several plays later.

The Redskins would give the ball back to the Patriots on the next play - with a drop by Pierre Garcon landing in the hands of Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan. The Patriots would capitalize on that turnover with their second interception of the day.

Overall, it has been a sloppy game from both sides - with both the Patriots and the Redskins leaving points on the board.

Washington will get the ball to begin the second half.