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Injury Update: Patriots running back Dion Lewis has a possible MCL injury

In what could be good news for the Patriots, their starting running could be dealing with a far less sever injury.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots fans held their breath when running back Dion Lewis went down against Washington with a mostly non-contact injury. Lewis has really broken out as one of the key members of the Patriots offense and with linemen dropping like flies, the team really needed their back who is best in space.

It turns out that initial checks reveal a less severe injury than initially believed. While the film led many to believe that Lewis suffered a season-ending ACL injury, the Patriots think it could be his MCL.

Depending on the severity, an MCL sprain could take between two and eight weeks to recover, meaning that Lewis could be around for the Patriots playoff push.

Right guard Tre Jackson is also recovering from an MCL injury that he suffered against the Miami Dolphins in week 8.

Let's hope for the best with Lewis as he's been one of the truly special stories during the 2015 NFL season.