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NFL Officiating Controversy: NFL Demotes Officials, Gives Them to the Patriots

We've spent some time rightfully complaining about the poor quality of officiating that has afflicted the league. The Patriots have been on the receiving end of some terrible and bizarre calls in recent weeks, so you'd think the league might be willing to give New England a break.

Oh, just kidding, of course not.

The NFL has demoted Pete Morelli's crew from handling Sunday Night Football due to their shoddy performance during the Cardinals-49ers game. The crew was so bad that they couldn't even get the down correct, they misapplied dead ball fouls, screwed up when deciding if a receiver was out of bounds, and couldn't decide what counted as roughing the passer. There's a whole list of issues.

Morelli was also leading the crew when Brett Favre was brutalized by the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 NFC Championship game of BountyGate fame and ran the Lions-Cowboys playoff game last year that was a total disaster.

Morelli has been reassigned. To the Patriots. Reported by ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Yes, that is correct. Morelli has been assigned to handle the Patriots vs Eagles. Enjoy.