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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Don't Lose Three-In-A-Row

Can you remember the last time the New England Patriots lost three games in a row? It's been a while.

After falling two straight games to the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Patriots are in a precarious position. Two straight losses shouldn't cause too much panic, but three? Three losses should.

The last time the Patriots lost three in a row was back in 2002, and that marks the only time Tom Brady has ever lost three in a row. Brady and the Patriots actually lost four straight, in the following manner:

1) The Patriots picked up an early lead against the Chargers on the road, only to watch it crumble away (L, Chargers, 21-14).

2) The Patriots fell behind early to the division rival Dolphins in Miami, but managed to mount a comeback before ultimately falling short (L, Dolphins, 26-13).

3) The Patriots were absolutely smoked at home by Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers (L, Packers, 28-10).

4) The Patriots hosted the Denver Broncos and were unable to comeback from an early deficit (L, Broncos, 24-16).

It should be noted that the Patriots failed to breach 17 points in any of those four losses. The last time the Patriots failed to reach 17 points (not including 2014 week 17 against the Bills) was the week 4 disaster against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014.

The Patriots should be able to right themselves against the Texans, but another loss should be the moment for concern.