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Week 14 Patriots vs Texans Fantasy Football Preview: Start All the James Whites!

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has proven to be match-up and roster proof. He's going to continue to thrive, no matter who is aligning on the field, but it seems likely that his production will only get better. His receivers were playing their first game without tight end Rob Gronkowsi and they seemed to get more comfortable as the game goes on. Since the Patriots can't rely on their running game, Brady is going to shoulder the load. Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer has actually been fairly reliable this season, so if you need a spot starter, he could be worth a look.

Running back LeGarrette Blount remains off the radar and is fully reliant on reaching the end zone, especially when facing a defensive line like the Texans. Look for running back James White to emerge as a viable threat out of the Patriots backfield as the Patriots try to spread the ball to open up interior crossing and slant lanes for the receivers. The Texans running backs aren't worth playing.

Wide receiver Danny Amendola is going to be locked in as a WR1 this week, while Brandon LaFell continues to struggle to integrate into the offense. Amendola is going to see 10+ targets and he's been fairly reliable to reach the end zone. As for the Texans, receiver DeAndre Hopkins is likely going to draw tight double coverage with Malcolm Butler and a safety, but he's a must-play every week.

Tight end Scott Chandler has posted roughly 60 yards and a score over the past two weeks and he can be penciled in for similar production. He's never going to fully emulate a Rob Gronkowski scoring effort, but Chandler is as comfortable a TE1 as you can find. The Patriots are absolutely lock down in defense of tight ends, so don't both with any Texans tight ends.