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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Selected the University of Arizona For the Exact Reason You'd Expect

If you hadn't heard by now, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for his lovable off-the-field antics and his unparalleled ability on the field. His father, ever the promoter for the family brand, spoke with Vanity Fair about raising his kids to become super athletes.

"In eighth grade," Gordy Gronkowski started via the article. "I said to each of them in turn, 'If you want to keep pursuing sports, you need to start training.' Gordie didn't want to at first. But then he saw his younger brother Danny down in the basement getting bigger, stronger, and faster than him—then he wanted to train! It was like a virus after that—Chris hopped in, then Rob.

"After that, it was no problem pushing them to work harder anymore. They did it themselves. That was a great feeling, but it got very competitive in the house. I just created the environment, sat back, and watched it happen."

No one is really surprised by this because this is just the Gronkowski way. Everyone knows that they would drink multiple gallons of milk on a daily basis and they would train by chewing rocks and spitting out bench presses (can you do that? I'm not familiar with weights).

The best tidbit comes when Gordy explains how and why Rob selected the University of Arizona to pursue his education.

"Rob had something like 65 scholarship offers," Gordy remembers. "And I asked, 'Where are you going? Syracuse? Ohio State?'"

"Dearest father," Rob replied. "Didn't you know that Arizona is renowned across the land for its Information Systems degree? The fine university is also known for its Geology department and Entrepreneurship education.

"I want to be a thinker, father. A thinker!"

Nah, I'm kidding you. Here's the actual exchange:

He goes, "University of Arizona."

I asked, "Why there?"

"Dad, if you ever went to a pool party at Arizona, you'd understand."

Gronk chose his college because he had a great time at a pool party. Anyone at Arizona want to chime in on whether or not the parties are worth making that decision? I'm not questioning it, but I think Gronkowski really followed his...dreams when it came time for college.

Judging by his post-graduate experience in football and partying, I'd have to say that his education is really paying off.