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New England Patriots Links 12/11/15 - Defense Plans to Leave Texans' Run Game Grounded

Daily news and links for 12/11/15

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  • Tom E. Curran believes Rob Gronkowski is entitled to take his time in returning. He's a special case in a team that doesn't usually tolerate special cases.
  • Kevin Duffy wonders how long the Patriots should sit Rob Gronkowski.
  • Rich Thompson notes the Patriots defense hopes to ground the Texans run game to a halt.
  • Eric Wilbur points out that Sunday's game against the Texans looked like a slam-dunk two weeks ago but is now the most pivotal Sunday in 2015.
  • Jeff Kane (ESPNNH) New England looks to right the ship vs. Houston Texans.
  • Jeff Howe serves us up a Friday 6-Pack: Examining the issues with the offense while Julian Edelman is on the mend.
  • Doug Kyed Patriots Mailbag: Pass rush living up to expectations despite injuries.
  • Michael Hurley reports Tom Brady is on pace to throw nearly 700 passes this season, and mentions how history has not been kind to QBs who have thrown that much.
  • Doug Kyed notes Jimmy Garoppolo finds the Texans' scout-team offense is 'very similar' to the Patriots this week.
  • Jeff Howe mentions how Bill Belichick’s coaching style impacted the lives of more players than anyone could count.
  • Bruce Allen (Boston Sports Media Watch) Avoiding toxic sports media.
  • Rich Thompson finds that Brian Hoyer has earned the respect of former teammates.
  • MassLive presents the best of Vince Wilfork: A look back at his best moments from Buttfumble to Wilfork Island.
  • Jeff Howe Patriots Notebook: Rob Gronkowski's return makes for a happy Belichick, even if it's not yet clear whether he'll play in Houston; Dont'a Hightower had his left leg and knee heavily wrapped before practice but he shed it in time for the workout; Patrick Chung (foot) returned to practice; Matthew Slater is confident the players will rally together to claw out of a mistake-filled two-game losing streak.
  • Doug Kyed reports the Trey Williams era didn't last long for the New England Patriots
  • Pat Bradley notes Rob Gronkowski chose Arizona for college because of the pool parties.
  • Jim Lazar sends "Do Your Job" stocking caps to Gillette to remind them to 'cut out the stupid show and start playing like the Patriots.' Week 14 Picks: Pats win 24-10.
  • Sean Glennon (This Football Blog) Week fourteen picks. Pats win by a touchdown.
  • N.E. Tailgate: Glen Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie make their Patriots vs. Texans predictions. (1.34 min. video)