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Bengals back-up Quarterback A.J. McCarron wants to be the next Tom Brady

The Cincinnati Bengals lost starting quarterback Andy Dalton for the game and for the upcoming week with a fractured thumb. I've already written about how the loss of Dalton negatively affects the Patriots chances of winning the top seed in the AFC.

Well, don't tell that to Dalton's back-up and replacement A.J. McCarron.

Oh yeah. The Bengals back-up quarterback just evoked the legend of Thomas Patrick Edward Brady Jr.

Is Dalton is jeopardy of losing his job? McCarron doesn't want to live the life of a back-up anymore and tossed 22 completions on 32 attempts for 280 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.

With that sort of performance, Dalton should feel, well, pretty okay. But McCarron could improve over the next couple of weeks and if Dalton misses time and the playoffs, and McCarron wins a playoff game, all bets are off.

You know who else road the coattails of Tom Brady for major contracts and a lengthy career?


And if you're wondering about the state of the AFC, the following tweet should offer some solace.

Let's go.