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Raiders Defeat the Broncos, Patriots Have an Excellent Morning

Ignore what I wrote an hour ago. The Patriots are back in control of the AFC.

The Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos in Denver, giving the New England Patriots temporary ownership of the #1 seed for the next couple of hours. With the Broncos facing the red-hot Steelers next week, it seems like the Patriots are in much better position to claim homefield advantage now than they were earlier today.

Personally, I think the Golden State Warriors suffering their first loss of the NBA season set off a chain reaction of NFL juju, where both the Bengals and Broncos suffered upsets at home.

As of right now, the AFC is as follows:

1. (10-2) New England Patriots - Led by reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback and beautiful person Tom Brady.

2. (10-3) Cincinnati Bengals - Led by quarterback A.J. McCarron, forced into the starting lineup after Andy Dalton fracturing his throwing thumb in week 14. Dalton's season is in jeopardy.

3. (10-3) Denver Broncos - Led by quarterback Brock Osweiler, forced into the starting lineup because the world could take the agony of Peyton Manning for another week. Manning's career is in jeopardy.

4. (6-6) Houston Texans - Led by quarterback Brian Hoyer, forced into the starting lineup because starting quarterback Ryan Mallett is unfamiliar with alarm clocks; Mallett was the starter because Hoyer was yanked after starting in week 1. Houston's season is in jeopardy against the Patriots tonight.

5. (8-5) Kansas City Chiefs - Led by quarterback Alex Smith, the intended starting quarterback who saw his interceptionless streak snap at 312 consecutive passes, 46 shy of Tom Brady's record of 358 straight. Smith is in jeopardy when asked to throw more than three yards down the field.

6. (8-5) New York Jets - Led by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, forced into the starting lineup because Geno Smith was punched in the jaw and required surgery. Fitzpatrick is still in jeopardy of turning into a pumpkin in any week.

7. (8-5) Pittsburgh Steelers - Led by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the intended starting quarterback for so long as he somehow remains in one piece. Go Steelers, beat the Broncos. The Pittsburgh defense is in jeopardy.

8. (6-7) Oakland Raiders - Led by quarterback Derek Carr, the intended starting quarterback in his sophomore season, quietly breathing life into the Oakland franchise. Oakland actually being a team in Oakland after 2016 is still in jeopardy.

9. (6-7) Buffalo Bills - Led by quarterback Tyrod Taylor, the intended starting quarterback after first round pick E.J. Manuel burned out and veteran Matt Cassel couldn't win the job. Rex Ryan's control of the locker room is in jeopardy.

10. (6-7) Indianapolis Colts - Led by quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, forced into the starting lineup because of an injury to the immortal Matt Hasselbeck, himself forced into the lineup due to a lacerated freaking kidney. The Colts franchise is in jeopardy.