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Week 14 Patriots vs Texans Best and Worst Plays: Rob Gronkowski is BACK!

The Patriots missed their star tight end and he made a major impact in his return.

Best Plays

5. Jabaal Sheard strip-sacked Brian Hoyer for -13 yards on 3rd and 8 (+2.74 EPA). The Texans had the ball on the Patriots 32 yard line, within field goal range, but Sheard ensured the Texans didn't have a chance to even try to kick a field goal.

4. Tom Brady completes a 45-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski on 1st and 10 (+3.47 EPA). Welcome back to Gronkowski! What a fantastic play.

3. Tom Brady completes a 10-yard pass to Brandon LaFell on 3rd and 9, right before halftime (+3.68 EPA). LaFell caught the ball at the Texans 1 yard line, setting up the Patriots for a score right before the half.

2. Tom Brady completes a 3-5 yard pass to Rob Gronkowski on 2nd and 25 (+3.89 EPA). Yeah, seriously, welcome back to Gronkowski. He made two huge plays and he showed why the Patriots need him out on the field.

1. Jabaal Sheard strip-sacked Brian Hoyer for -7 yards on the Texans 18 yard line, recovered by Malcom Brown (+5.64 EPA). Sheard, have yourself a game. The Patriots spent the entire second half in the Texans backfield and no one was more effective than Sheard. Hoyer will be dreaming of Sheard's pass rush for the next year.

Worst Plays

5. Brian Hoyer completes a 20-yard pass to Ryan Griffin on 3rd and 3 (-2.09 EPA). The Patriots held a 20-6 lead, but the completion moved the Texans into field goal range at the Patriots 34 yard line.

4. Jonathan Grimes ran to the right side for 37 yards on 1st and 10 (-2.44 EPA). This was just a case of getting outplayed as Rob Ninkovich, Patrick Chung, and Jonathan Freeny were all sealed away from the rushing lane. Freeny was single blocked by a tight end, which should really never happen.

3. Brian Hoyer completes a 40-yard pass to DeAndre Hopkins on 3rd and 7 (-3.80 EPA). Sometimes the other guy just makes a play. Cornerback Logan Ryan had terrific coverage of Hopkins all game, but a savvy push-off by Hopkins helped pick up some separation to make a big third down grab late in the game.

2. Brian Hoyer completes a 49-yard pass to Nate Washington on 3rd and 18 (-5.00 EPA). Butler bit on the stick route, similar to the touchdown he allowed to the Jaguars back in week 3, as Washington faked a route at the first down marker. Instead, Washington just sprinted behind Butler down the field for a huge pick-up and easy grab.

1. Keshawn Martin muffs a punt on the Patriots 21 yard line (-5.28 EPA). Head coach Bill Belichick talks about the three defensive plays that could have been better, but none of those were as negative as Martin's muffed punt. The Texans were set up deeper in the Patriots side of the field than at almost any other point in the game (they had reached the 20 yard line once in the first quarter). Turnovers are unacceptable.