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Friday is Ugly Sweater Day and I Need These Patriots Sweaters

So Friday, December 18th, is Ugly Sweater Day and once again, it'll be impossible to beat Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

If Friday was "National Sweatshirt Day," head coach Bill Belichick would be the unquestioned, ten-time champion. But we all know the player that's going to find a way to win Ugly Sweater Day.

Source: Patriots press conference after Patriots 2013 comeback vs the Saints

Source: Tom Brady in Style Bistro

Source: Tom Brady in GQ

Source: Tom Brady in an Uggs advertisement

Source: Tom Brady in Sports Illustrated

Source: Press conference on 10/5/2014

Brady looks good whether he's Mr. Rogers or Mr. Roboto, but there's one outfit that Brady's been rocking on a suspiciously frequent basis and I think it's a sign that he needs some new ideas.

This is November 25th:

This is one week before on November 18th:

This is just one week before that on November 11th:

And this is October 27th:

Tom, I love the sweatshirt and puffball beanie combination, but you might need some new digs.

I only bring this up because I'm here to help, Tom. It looks like the NFL Shop has some "ugly" sweaters of their own that can help out, although they look pretty *fire emojis* to me. They offer free shipping and delivery before the holidays if you snag one today.

Personally, I think these are all awesome and that the NFL has no idea how to make an ugly sweater. I'd wear these with my Sunday finest and I really want Brady to wear a sweater version of his Tom Brady jersey, but, hey, I don't make the rules.

All we need is Tom to feature the throwback to that Showponies white sweater this Friday and I'd feel pretty comfortable in expecting the offense to score 60 points on Sunday.

What're your ugly sweaters looking like this week?