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WATCH: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick cracks up the press room with a quick exit

The New England Patriots head coach was in a jolly mood during Wednesday's press conference.

When New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is cracking jokes, you have to feel pretty confident about the team this week. ESPN's Mike Reiss stated that he had a two-part question to Belichick, before the following exchange took place:

"Is there another part to that?," Belichick asked Reiss, who stopped after just part one of his questioning. "Or was that both parts?"

"There was one," Reiss replied to laughter in the press room. "I didn't think you were going to like it, I didn't want to end with it."

"Why?,"  Belichick smirked in response. "Did you want to end on a high note? Go on."

"There's a report out about Steven Jackson-," Reiss continued before Belichick cut him off.

"Let's just end on a high note," Bill said with a laugh and he immediately exited stage left.

Oh, Bill. The Titans are going to lose by 60, aren't they?