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Patriots OC Josh McDaniels Explains Starting Center Bryan Stork Over David Andrews

Why are the Patriots playing their sophomore center over their rookie?

It took a rematch with the Buffalo Bills for the New England Patriots to bench rookie center David Andrews in favor of sophomore center Bryan Stork.

The Bills defensive front was out for quarterback Tom Brady's blood and Andrews didn't do much to stay the pass rush. A false start and a few blown blocks later and Stork stepped in and hasn't looked back.

The 6'4, 315 lbs Stork always made for a more impressive physical specimen than the 6'2, 295 lbs Andrews, and the results on the field match the projections in our heads. Stork is the superior player and should be the starting center, while Andrews should remain a viable, quality back-up, offering a similar size as the offensive line captain Ryan Wendell.

The coaching staff is finally putting the best offensive line unit on the field.

"We're always trying to get the right group out there," offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said. "There have been games where Bryan and David have both played in the same game also. David played this last game towards the end as well.

"I think they're different in terms of the type of player they are, both of them are smart and dependable and tough, do a lot of different things to try and help set the table for the rest of our lineman and get everybody going in the right direction."

Stork left late in the game against the Texans due to a shoe issue, although he is reportedly dealing with a minor ankle injury. Andrews played for six snaps, his only time on the field since he was benched against the Bills.

"Bryans a little bit more experienced certainly at this point having played quite a bit last year," McDaniels continued. "I think both guys have a lot of strengths to them. Both guys certainly work hard to try and improve some of the things maybe they don't do as well as they'd like to. I think they work extremely hard, bring great work ethic to our offense. There's a presence inside, a toughness that they both have.

"Bryan certainly like I said, he's played a lot of good football for us. I think it's a consistent competition there. I think we encourage that at all positions and those guys definitely have embraced that. They go and compete hard in practice each week going forward to try and get better individually and improve the other guy at the same time through competition and we try and put the best guys out there that we can each week."

McDaniels is effectively saying that Stork doesn't just possess more experience, but that the sophomore center competed in practice and earned the starting spot over Andrews.

Andrews played at a commendable level for the first half of the season, but if there is a player that can perform at a higher level, well, that player should be on the field.