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Patriots Responsible for the Most Heartbreaking AFC Losses

When it comes to each NFL team's worst loss ever, the Patriots seem to be the ones handing it out.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Over at, the folks at MMQB has been running a "Worst Loss Ever" series, where fans from the 32 teams around the league weigh in on what represented the worst loss in their franchise's history. Last week, NFC fans recalled their lowest moments, and this week it was time to tackle the AFC.  This is obviously a highly subjective list, and you can always make a case for another game, but out of all of the emails the MMQB staff got, the ones they published (to my knowledge, at least) received the most votes or made the most sense. Overall, it's a pretty good read, which you can check out here.

[Note: you might want to start reading about a quarter of the way down, as the Patriots are up first and if you read it you'll be subjected to a certain game and a certain helmet and that's just no way to kick off Christmas week. So start with the Jets.]

I don't know if it comes as a surprise or not, but for 25% of the AFC teams - the Raiders, the Chargers, the Ravens, and the Titans - the Patriots were the ones that handed them their worst loss. And for the most part, it's tough to disagree - Oakland had to watch a dynasty launched by a correct, albeit odd, fumble reversal; first overall seed San Diego had a Tommy B pick to seal the game stripped by Troy Brown to give the Pats new life and the win; Baltimore saw their Super Bowl hopes dashed by a pass breakup and a chip shot field goal shank; and Tennessee received an absolutely thrashing in the snow that saw Brady set an NFL record and launched the Vince Young Era - an era the team is still recovering from. Now I personally would consider losing the Super Bowl to the St. Louis Rams by a single yard to be worse than getting beaten 59-0 during the regular season, but I'm not a Titans fan.

To be honest, to have my team claim four of the 16 spots for worst loss kind of makes me feel nice. I mean this is the time of year where we should all be thinking about what we can do for others, and New England has been giving it to others for so long now that almost every team in the league can make a case for the Pats handing them their most crushing defeat (yet they only show up once on the NFC list, for when they beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl. You know that the Rams and Eagles are feeling it as well).

More probable than not that fans everywhere are at least generally aware that everyone is sick and tired of losing to this team. And that's just the gift that keeps on giving.