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Week 15 Patriots vs Titans Five Questions: DT Jurrell Casey "is a special player"

The Titans don't have a lot going for them this season, but there is hope for the future.

We spoke with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles for the inside scoop on the Tennessee Titans!

1. Marcus Mariota has had a very good rookie season. How has he matched your expectations?

Mariota has been even better than most expected. He throws the ball extremely well from the pocket and can obviously make plays with his legs when necessary. He has had ups and downs, but he still has an outside chance to break Peyton Manning's rookie touchdown record of 26 (Mariota has 19). This season has been a disaster but there is finally hope for the future because the Titans have a quarterback.

2. Tight end Delanie Walker is one of the top tight ends in the league, but are there any other players that stand out on offense?

Outside of Mariota, no. Kendall Wright is a decent weapon but he isn't going to play. Dorial Green-Beckham has all of the potential in the world but hasn't been able to consistently put it together. If the Patriots are able to take away Walker it will be all on Mariota's shoulders.

3. The Titans defense is one of the most underrated units in the league. Who are the top couple of defenders that Patriots fans will get to know over the course of the game?

Jurrell Casey and Brian Orakpo are the Titans best defensive players. Casey would be regarded as one of the best defensive linemen in the league if he played on a team that wasn't terrible. Just take a look at the athleticism he showed on this play. He is a special player.

Orakpo has been healthy all year and played really well. The Titans knew he would be really good if his health held up. He has 7 sacks on the year and said earlier this week that sacking Brady is on his bucket list. Hopefully he will be able to cross that one off after Sunday.

4. What would it cost to pry Jason McCourty away from Tennessee over the offseason? Is he a part of the long term plans?

The Titans locked him up to a long-term deal a couple of years ago. He has been sidelined for most of the season (on IR now) because of a groin injury, but he is one of the best defensive players on the team. The Titans don't have a ton of talent on either side of the ball, so they would probably ask a pretty high price to part ways with him. We as Titans fans were hoping that Devin would hit the open market last spring so they could play together in Tennessee.

5. Patriots fans think that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could be the top candidate for a head coaching job. How would the Titans sell him on the idea of going to Tennessee?

This is actually a really attractive job. Marcus Mariota is the best selling point for the job. Whoever ends up with the job is going to inherit a young franchise quarterback. What else could you want? The Titans are also going to have a really high pick in the 2016 draft- possibly even the first pick. They don't need a quarterback, so they can either trade the pick for a host of picks or take the best player on their board. They could rebuild pretty quickly with a good draft.