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Week 15 X-Factors: Patriots vs. Titans

Patrick Chung gets the onus of covering the opponent's top weapon this week.
Patrick Chung gets the onus of covering the opponent's top weapon this week.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the late post of the X-Factors, I was going to work on it then decided to catch the Star Wars movie instead. I recommend you go see it if you have the time. Back to the topic of football, the Patriots virtually have little information ont the Titans roster since they haven't seen them since Week 1 of the 2012 season. There is a lot of roster turnover between the two teams, especially in the Titans case.

RB Brandon Bolden: Point #1 in the Game Plan is for the Patriots to find their inside the tackles RB for the playoffs. They have Bolden and Montee Ball as their two inside guys since I'm discounting White. Bolden is a lot like Blount, he struggles to get through the first level but really does a lot of damage if and when he does. Bolden lacks the field vision that Blount has but makes up for it in speed and is better as a receiving back. With James White taking the receiving back role for the season, Bolden could make his mark for the season as the inside the tackles runner. It's also possible that Ball may take the role when he gets off the Eddie Lacy diet.

S Patrick Chung: The Titans top offensive weapon is Delanie Walker and the Patriots may through a lot of 4-2-5 defensive looks. With the injury to Devin McCourty sidelining him for a few weeks, the Patriots will need the next man up. That probably means we'll see Patrick Chung play a S/LB role and cover Walker in the game. Chung is one of the top cover safeties in the league, so I believe he's up for the task. With Logan Ryan likely taking Dorial Green-Beckham and Malcolm Butler taking Kendall Wright, the Patriots have the talent to cover the Titans receivers.

I didn't do a score prediction in the Game Plan post, but I will write one here. Patriots win 33-13.