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Week 12 Patriots vs Broncos Social Commentary: "He Can't Keep Getting Away With It!"

Half of the New England Patriots came up short in an overtime game against the Denver Broncos. Twitter was one helluva roller coaster ride.

There's some discussion that Tom Brady is no longer at the top of the MVP rankings with this loss. That's absolutely asinine. The only other quarterback in the league in the same realm as Brady is Carson Palmer, and Brady has had to deal with a lesser supporting cast and has generated more passing yards at a higher completion rate, more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, and a better passer rating. Oh, and the team has a better record against tougher competition.

And then there's the Cam Newton argument, which I'm fine listening to the argument. Add in Newton's rushing numbers to his overall totals and he's not too far behind the top tier of pure passing quarterbacks, and he's been throwing to bowls of oatmeal all season. But other than Newton, there's no one that deserves to be near Brady in the MVP discussion.

I think "Brock Osweiler is tall" is going to be the "Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" or "Julian Edelman was a college quarterback" or "XXX was a basketball player in college."

I just wanted to give extra props to Logan Ryan for one heckuva performance against one of the most athletic wide receivers in the league. So far this year, Ryan has done a bang-up job against some of the top receivers in the league, from Brandon Marshall to Andre Johnson to Demaryius Thomas.

It begs the question: has Logan Ryan done enough to deserve snaps against the opposing team's top receiver? It's not a knock against Malcolm Butler, who has been fantastic this season in some really difficult situations, but wouldn't that just be an added wrinkle for the Patriots defense? Having two corners that you would feel comfortable playing against the opposing team's top receiver is a good thing, especially with the Texans DeAndre Hopkins on the schedule.

The officials did another terrible job this week.

"Will the play-clock operator reset the play clock to 40 seconds."

It's important to note the difference between the "play clock" and the "game clock" and the officials reset the "play clock." Upon the official's "ready for play" signal, the game clock started to run again. The officials actually went by the book in their handling of this issue, in the same way that they handled the issue of the inadvertent whistle against the Bills.

But when you combine inconsistent officiating with ineffective communication, you have a game that is run by those you cannot trust.

If you took a poll around the league of what people think of certain players with regards to fan perception and level of play, Rob Gronkowski would receive the most overwhelmingly positive feedback. Like, I don't think there's a player that comes close. Maybe Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson.

But seriously, Gronk is totally loved. Really happy the injury isn't serious.

I'm totally guilty of feeling this way and I absolutely followed this train of thought. Why throw deep to Scott Chandler? It's not worki- Josh, why'd you call it again? It's seriously not going to wor- JOSH WHY?!

Oh, Brandon Bolden caught the wheel route that every Patriots running back dating back to the age of George Washington struggled to bring down?

Carry on. I never doubted you.

Take it away, Akiem!