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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 020: Rob Gronkowski is ALIVE!

While the Patriots fell to a conference foe, the loss doesn't have a lasting impact.

We can't think of another time where a loss didn't hurt, but the New England Patriots falling to the Denver Broncos didn't leave a mark.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is healthy and that's all that we care about. Seriously. The outcome of the game stopped mattering once their tight end collapsed in a heap and the fact that he could return in the coming weeks warrants a major sigh of relief.

0:00 - Why are we feeling okay?

4:45 - Can we complain about the officiating?

11:00 - What were our takeaways from the game?

12:00 - We're questioning about the run game!

17:30 - Are any of the running backs any good?

22:00 - Can Scott Chandler step up in the absence of Rob Gronkowski?

27:00 - Let's examine the playoff picture.

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