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Patriots Injury Update: Linebackers Dont'a Hightower and Jamie Collins at Practice

Mike Stone/Getty Images

The New England Patriots will see their fantastic linebacker duo back on the field some time in the near future as both Dont'a Hightower and Jamie Collins were at practice today.

Collins has missed the past four weeks with an illness, while Hightower suffered a knee sprain in the first half against the Broncos. Both players are extremely tough, with Hightower notoriously playing through a torn labrum in the Super Bowl and making an incredible arm tackle to stop Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch at the goal line.

While it's possible for Hightower to sit out a week or two, the expectation is for Collins to finally return to the field for the defense.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski was missing from practice and it's clear that he will be sitting out of games until he's 100% healed. Defensive tackle Dominique Easley was also missing from the field for an ankle injury. It is unconfirmed if he's unable to attend on account of still being held up in Denver.