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Week 15 Late Games Open Thread and Patriots Rooting Guide

4:05 PM EST Games

Packers at Raiders - Oakland needs to win, but do they have the talent? I'd argue they could make Aaron Rodgers have a long day in the pocket. I could also see Rodgers going off for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. The game doesn't affect the Patriots, but go Oakland.

Browns at Seahawks - Go Cleveland because why the heck not at this point? This doesn't affect the Patriots, but the Browns winning in Seattle would be a hilarious storyline.

4:25 PM EST Games

Bengals at 49ers - A 49ers victory over the Bengals would give the Patriots a little more breathing room atop the AFC, so go San Francisco.

Broncos at Steelers - A Pittsburgh victory over Denver is a major bonus for the Patriots to lock up the conference. Go Steelers.

Dolphins at Chargers - This game doesn't matter, but I'd like to see the Dolphins win in an ugly game so the Miami front office has the most difficult possible time during the offseason.