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People Outraged that the New England Patriots Follow the Salary Cap Rules

The New England Patriots have made headlines for following the rules.

The New England Patriots have made headlines this weekend for following the NFL's salary cap rules.

"Patriots pay a Brady-owned company run by suspect partner," according to a CBS headline.

"Are the Patriots circumventing the salary cap?" our Jets affiliate wrote.

"Brady's business and partner draw more scrutiny," leads Pro Football Talk.

The Boston Globe ran a story to examine possible kickbacks in the relationship between quarterback Tom Brady, his personal trainer Alex Guerrero, and the Patriots. The idea is that the Patriots could be able to pay Brady his artificially low salary because the quarterback is receiving additional benefits on the side with his personal business.

To this claim, both the NFL and the NFL Players Association say:

The NFL has raised no such concerns, telling the Globe in a statement, "We are aware of the arrangement and have not determined that there is any violation of the CBA [collective bargaining agreement].''

The NFL Players Association said the arrangement between the Patriots and Brady's center "has no implication on the salary cap.''

You know how difficult it is for the NFL and NFLPA to agree on anything? That's how much of a nonstory and a nonstarter this report is from a league perspective.

I understand raising the potential concerns by the Patriots training staff about how a truly dubious medical doctor is affecting the treatment of players on the roster. I understand the concerns about Brady being in cahoots with a business partner that has been sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission.

But the last thing that can legitimately be asked is whether or not the Patriots are breaking the rules because literally every person or entity with a say in the matter- the Patriots, Brady, Guerrero, the NFL, and the NFLPA- have signed off and said that there is no violation.