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Week 16 Patriots vs Jets Fantasy Football Preview: Bail on the Patriots

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Maybe I'm being overly negative, but I'm not super excited about the production of the New England Patriots offense in your fantasy football championship weeks.

Quarterback Tom Brady will likely be without both Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, leaving Brandon LaFell and Keshawn Martin as his top two receivers. Tight end Rob Gronkowski will be available, but Scott Chandler hasn't been able to play. The Jets secondary will be very capable of matching up against this Patriots offense, with an impressive depth that could allow Darrelle Revis to shadow Gronkowski, if New York truly wanted.

And do you really want to play roulette with running backs Joey Iosefa and Steven Jackson?

Actually, the only Patriots player that I am confident will have a good game is receiving back James White. The Jets linebackers are old and won't be able to keep up with his quickness out of the backfield. The Patriots offensive line isn't in great shape and will be facing one of the best defensive lines in the entire league, so you can be certain that the Patriots will try to get the ball out as quickly as possible.

But overall, the Patriots prospects don't look great in this game.

The Jets have four players on offense that are worth consideration in receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, and in running backs Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. Marshall and Decker will both have opportunities to produce against Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler, but these will be boom-bust prospects. Ryan is coming off a tough week against the Titans, but he had success defending Marshall in week 7. Butler is much better this time around.

Powell has been a fantasy workhorse in recent weeks and, like White, deserves consideration. Ivory has been a major disappointment as a rusher in recent weeks and will only be as successful as the touchdowns he scores. Powell has been outplaying Ivory on a consistent basis.

Other than Brady, White, Gronkowski, and Powell, start players at your own risk.