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Week 16 Patriots vs Jets Betting Odds: Predict the Score!

The New England Patriots are mere 3-point favorites over the New York Jets with 66% of the money placed on the Patriots. The Patriots have been favored in every game this season, but 3-points is the third lowest all year. The lowest line was a 1-point favorite in week 2 in Buffalo, and then the 2.5-point favorite in the week 12 overtime loss in Denver.

The Patriots have been favorites in the past seven games against the Jets, but have failed to cover all but the Buttfumble game in 2012, including each of the past five matches. The Patriots have won eight of the past nine games and the one loss came with a once-called "push in the back" penalty in overtime that handed the Jets the win.

The over/under is set at 45.5 and money is evenly split. The Patriots and Jets have hit the over in ten of the past twelve match-ups. These lines imply a 24.25-21.25 Patriots victory.

Can you predict the final score?