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WR Leonard Hankerson Experiment Ends, Patriots Likely to Promote from Practice Squad

The New England Patriots are waiving wide receiver Leonard Hankersonper Pro Football Talk. Hankerson barely played in his one week in New England. The Patriots had claimed Hankerson on waivers in order build veteran depth at the wide receiver position, but the receiver's subsequent release means one of two things:

1) Players like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are close to a return, which would allow the Patriots to release their depth at wide receiver and utilize the roster spot on a position of more critical need.

2) Hankerson wasn't ready to play heavy snaps on Sunday as the Patriots depth chart of healthy receivers has dwindled to Brandon LaFell and Keshawn Martin. That's it. So the Patriots would need to free up space to add a player with more experience in the offense.

In this view, promoting a player like wide receiver Chris Harper would make the most sense as he's played within the offense and he's able to provide depth at punt returner. Harper would serve as Martin's back-up, but it's important to note that Harper (and Martin's) quick lateral play will be more successful against the Jets than any vertical attack from Hankerson.

We will monitor this moving forward.