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Week 16 Patriots vs Jets Live Updates, Pregame Show, Rooting Guide, and Game Thread

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Listen to Alec and Rich break down today's game!


The New England Patriots need to take care of the New York Jets, but there are some other games that can impact the outlook of the AFC. Here's our rooting guide.

1:00 PM EST

Colts @ Dolphins: Root for the Dolphins to sabotage their draft stock and to knock the Colts out of the playoffs. What could be better?

Bears @ Buccaneers: This doesn't affect the Patriots, but Logan Mankins is considering retirement, so let's root for Tampa Bay to end up on top.

Browns @ Chiefs: The Chiefs currently have one of the AFC's playoff spots, but they have one of the best defenses in the league. It'd be better for the Patriots in the long run if the Chiefs missed the cut.

Cowboys @ Bills: Let's root for a Buffalo win to reduce their draft pick since the Cryin' Rex Ryans are out of the playoffs.

Panthers @ Falcons: Atlanta will be the last real chance to upset Carolina's run at a perfect season. Go Falcons.

49ers @ Lions: This will be a real snoozefest, so let's hope the Lions offense puts on a great performance as the only good unit in this game.

Texans @ Titans: We'll be rooting for the Texans to win to help seal up the AFC South title.

Steelers @ Ravens: Go Ravens. We want the Steelers as the #6 seed to either take down the Bengals or Broncos.