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Jets vs Patriots Three Stars of the Game: All Brandon Bolden Offense?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Honorable Mentions: Jabaal Sheard had a beautiful strip sack followed by a Jamie Collins return for TD.  I'd totally go with that had the defense gotten almost any other pressure on Fitzpatrick.  We could also call out Malcolm Butler who had perfect technique and did not commit pass interference on the last Jets drive.

Third Star: Stephen Gostkowski is just money.  With the offense loathe to punch the ball in, Stephen made sure the trips to the red zone weren't for naught.

Second Star: Keyshawn Martin was the returner all game long and he kept hold of the ball for 51 yards of total returns!  He also received double digit targets in the passing game mostly from the slot  position.

First Star: Going into the game, I thought they'd use James White all over the field to get mismatches.  Ok same plan, but with Brandon Bolden.  He was pretty much the only chain mover in the first half, and was used heavily in both the rushing and passing games.