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Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Thinks Your Voice is "Pretty Amazing"

Want to see someone reach the highest point in their life?

Sometimes your career can end when you don't expect it. Sometimes you can explode into a supernova of epic proportions, cast across the infinite skies of fame.

I'm not sure what happened at the press conference, but someone just reached the highpoint of their life.

A reporter stepped up to ask Patriots quarterback Tom Brady about his thoughts on the officiating during the Broncos game and whether or not Brady felt New England was getting the short end of the stick. You can hear the question start at roughly 2:17 in the attached video.

Brady starts to chuckle halfway through the questioning and before answering, he says the following:

There's nowhere to go after this, right? Once Tom Brady says that your voice is great and amazing, and then you have to go back to work, everything will feel empty and meaningless. It's like winning the Super Bowl, but then getting traded to the Cleveland Browns the next year. Everything will be devoid of life.

So congratulations to whoever asked this question, but, man, it'll be hard to top this.