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Eagles QB Sam Bradford Expected to Play Against the Patriots

The Eagles look to return their starting quarterback to the lineup.

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to sit back-up quarterback Mark Sanchez and usher in the return of Sam Bradford to the starting line-up, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Bradford suffered a shoulder injury in the Eagles week 10 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Over the past two weeks, former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has been at the helm, leading the offense to paltry 17 and 14 point outputs. Bradford's offense averaged over 24 points per game, which is nearly a 10-point difference.

The Eagles are still battling for the NFC East, sitting just one game behind a division leading 5-6 Washinton team, and a 5-6 Giants squad.

The Patriots are familiar with Bradford as offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels served the same role for the St. Louis Rams in 2011, where Bradford was the starting quarterback.

The return of Bradford should make the Eagles slightly more potent on offense, but the injury is worth monitoring as any shoulder injury will impact a quarterback to a certain degree.

And for some reason, I'd rather see Bradford on the other sideline, because we all know Mark Sanchez is prone to making some Eli Manning-esque play on the run that never should have happened, that will convert a fourth down and put the Eagles in position to possibly win the game in the final seconds. I wouldn't be able to handle it.