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Week 13 Patriots vs Eagles Key Match-up: Tom Brady Has to Pass All Day

The Patriots have to take down the Eagles secondary to walk away with a win.

The New England Patriots are going to finish out the season on the strength of Tom Brady's arm. There's no way around it. The final five teams all boast defensive fronts far superior to their secondary and that means the Patriots will pass, pass, pass, and pass some more.

This week, Brady is going to sling the ball against an Eagles secondary that really struggles to defend against wide receivers. Since Philadelphia's week 8 bye week, the secondary has allowed Cowboys receivers Cole Beasley (112 yards) and Dez Bryant (104), Dolphins receivers Richard Matthews (93) and Jarvis Landry (52), Buccaneers receivers Mike Evans (63), Vincent Jackson (56), and Adam Humphries (50), and Lions receivers Calvin Johnson (93) and Golden Tate (50), to break 50 yards on the day.

You'll note that every single team had at least two receivers with 50+ yards, and that's ignoring that four running backs also cracked the same receiving plateau, while averaging 200 yards and a touchdown.

All of these combinations are fairly straight forward, with an outside X receiver (Bryant, Matthews, Evans/Jackson, Johnson) and a movable chess piece Z or slot receiver (Beasley, Landry, Humphries, Tate).

Sounds like Brandon LaFell and Danny Amendola to me.

The Eagles secondary has allowed opposing teams to march down the field without too much trouble because they give a curiously large buffer zone to receivers, leaving them susceptible to comeback routes and crossing patterns, which are exactly where LaFell and Amendola thrive.

If the Patriots are able to capitalize against this Eagles secondary, the Patriots should be able to win this game in a comfortable manner, and continued control over the AFC would be at hand for at least another week.