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Week 13 Early Games Rooting Guide and Live Patriots Pregame Show!

PatsPulpit Patriots Pregame Preview Live Show at 11:30 AM!


1:00 PM EST Games

Texans at Bills: With the Bills out of the AFC East running, do we still support a Houston victory? Or do we hope Buffalo can derail the surprisingly hot Texans? Do we want the Bills in the playoffs? I don't. Go Houston.

Ravens at Dolphins: The Dolphins are also out of the AFC East running and they just fired their offensive coordinator. I'm all in favor of Miami ruining their draft position since neither team in this game has a prayer of the playoffs. Go Dolphins.

Bengals at Browns: Easy enough to root for Cleveland, and with Cincinnati tight end Tyler Eifert expected OUT, there's a small chance for an upset. Go Cleveland.

Jaguars at Titans: Doesn't really matter. Patriots play the Titans in a couple weeks, so let's hope they continue their tail spin. Go Jacksonville.

Jets at Giants: A Jets loss locks up the division for the Patriots. Go Giants.

49ers at Bears: This game doesn't matter for the Patriots and neither team is really of any concern in the long run. Let's hope for a healthy game for both sides.

Seahawks at Vikings: A Seahawks takes them out of the driver's seat for a wild card spot, while a Vikings victory makes it more difficult for the Packers to win the NFC North. Go Minnesota.

Cardinals at Rams: This is a game that Arizona should win, but St. Louis always finds a way to disrupt the best laid plans of the NFC West. Go Rams.

Falcons at Buccaneers: Tampa Bay has been resurgent, while Atlanta has been in freefall. Both teams are run by former Patriots execs. So. Let's root for another healthy and good game.

4:05 PM EST Games

Broncos at Chargers: Go Chargers. Pretty easy.

Chiefs at Raiders: I really don't want to see Kansas City in the playoffs for some reason. Go Oakland.

4:25 PM EST Games

Panthers at Saints: Is this the game that dethrones the Panthers? I'll be rooting for New Orleans.