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Week 13 Patriots vs Eagles Three Duds of the Game: Tom Brady Was Bad

Honorable Mentions: The offensive line was atrocious for yet another week. Linebacker Jonathan Freeny went back to his weak-run defending ways. Tight end Scott Chandler continues to show poor hands.

Third Dud: Quarterback Tom Brady threw a pick-six and then an ugly end zone interception when LaFell stemmed his route in a different direction. Brady was bad with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman and Dion Lewis on the sidelines. He was seeing ghosts in the pocket, he was throwing to Danny Amendola in tight coverage, and he was forcing plays all over the field. Sure, he had a little comeback at the end, but in total he was not good enough to win.

Second Dud: Wide receiver Brandon LaFell didn't step up when the team needed him to rise. He wasn't finishing his routes, he was on a completely different page from his quarterback, and there were multiple missed opportunities when he was the target. Tom Brady had more receiving yards (36) than LaFell (27) on the day.

First Dud: Patriots Special teams as a whole because there's no way around it. The coaching staff deserves attention for that ridiculous drop kick kick off that basically marks when the tides of the game turned. The Ryan Allen had a punt blocked for a touchdown before halftime. And then Darren Sproles returned a punt for a touchdown. It was a terrible day by a typically dominant facet of the Patriots squad.