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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 021: Can James White Save the Patriots?

The New England Patriots' season is far from over, but we're certainly seeing some reason for concern. The offense took some time to get underway and special teams were an absolute mess.

A positive? The defense looked great.

Another one? Running back James White looks like he could be a key player in the Patriots offense for the rest of the season.

0:00 - We don't feel too bad after this loss.

2:45 - Patriots always have one of these lapses.

4:30 - Is the offense struggling?

9:00 - STARTING THE JAMES WHITE HYPE TRAIN, also analyzing LeGarrette Blount.

13:30 - This might have been the worst game by the coaching staff, but...

14:45 - ...these three plays are all on the players.

16:00 - Are we concerned about the Patriots run defense against stretch runs?

20:00 - The Patriots won't really see another great offense this year, but let's complain about prime time.

24:00 - Let's talk Texans!

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