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Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX: This Is Why We Watch

We're in the moment right now. Live it.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This. This feeling. This is why we watch.

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions. And we are all here to witness it. We have all been here through the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the scandals, the haters, the heartbreak, the glory, and the shame. We had to endure what no other fan base has had to endure, or will likely ever have to endure, and now we sit, once again, as the undisputed best team in football. Every moment of stress, every ounce of heartbreak, and every single smug, arrogant Patriots hater who was rooting harder for this team to lose tonight than they have ever rooted for their team to win, is 100% worth it. We've all doubted at times. We have all asked ourselves "why do I put myself through this?" at one point or another. We have all looked outside on a gorgeous fall Sunday as we sit indoors wringing our hands and glued to the television and wondered whether life without football might be more enjoyable.  But this right here, this moment, answers all of that. We're all in it right now. We are smack dab in the middle of the greatest feeling you can have as a fan of your team. Soak it all in. Every single second.

So much to talk about. So much to cover. So many months in the offseason to enjoy this feeling. But not tonight. Tonight isn't about any of that. Tonight is about taking hold of this moment with both hands and not letting go for anything, remembering how this feels and what this means and where you were when Tom Brady cemented himself as the greatest ever to strap on a helmet, remembering why we watch.

Remembering who we are.

We are the New England Patriots.

And we are the best team in the world.