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What is the Patriots Biggest Draft Need? 2.0

As we head into draft season, what position deserves the most focus?

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Editor's Note: The Pulpit has a Patriots draft section you can find here, as well as a Draft Discussion Open Thread here! Feel free to chime in with your two cents since no one is right at this point in the game!

Roughly two months ago we asked you what you thought the Patriots biggest draft need would be; and keep in mind, this was back in December, with the Patriots coming off of a back-to-back road game against the Packers and Chargers.

The results weren't too surprising. Offensive guard collected 28% of the vote, while wide receiver came in second with 22%. Offensive tackle had 18% (this was coming off a bad performance by Nate Solder and was two days before Marcus Cannon's extension) and defensive end collected 12%.

Every other position was a hodge podge below 10%.

With a Super Bowl under the belt and a brand new season on the horizon, let's try this again:

What is the Patriots biggest need in the draft?