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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Chandler Jones Blocking and Returning a Field Goal vs Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Opening up the Kevin Faulk division!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

1. Chandler Jones Blocking and Returning a Field Goal

This was probably Chandler Jones' best game in his career. This was also a testament to how freaking amazing special teams coach Scott O'Brien is/was. This was the one of the Patriots two hundred blocked kicks this year, probably.

Jones gets through the line untouched, flashed his athleticism, made a huge play, and outran the coverage for a touchdown. The part I like the most is how the cornerstones of the defense- Jones of the defensive line, Dont'a Hightower of the linebackers, Devin McCourty of the secondary- are all involved on a special teams play in Week 2.

No one is above the team and special teams are completely underrated.

16. Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

How badly did the Patriots need to score on this third down? If Tom Brady doesn't score here, the Patriots probably don't win, let's be seriously. This is the exact play needed for Brady to start yelling obscenities at the void, but with the perfect inflection in order to inspire the troops.

It's like clockwork.

Also, Dan Connolly gets picked up and dropped and it looks horrible on his part, but if he doesn't distract the defensive tackle, Brady doesn't have a lane to scramble. So, really, Connolly saves this play by sacrificing his body for the block.

Truly selfless.