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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Got Wheels vs Devin McCourty Out of Nowhere

We move on to the second seeds!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

2. Tom Brady's Got Wheels

The Patriots completely blew out the Dolphins in Week 15, but this was an extremely close game through the first half. This is the exact moment that Tom Brady decided to win the game and it provided one of the top five (top three?) runs in Brady's entire career.

Never, ever, ever before has Brady taken off at the 20-yard line and have Patriots thought, "Oh, wow, is he going to score here?" That would not have computed in 2013. Brady can't run. That's dumb.

This is dumb. This is Brady scrambling on 3rd and 11, making a linebacker look like a fool in the open field, and then lowering his shoulder inside the five yard line.

You know, this still doesn't compute.

15. Devin McCourty Out of Nowhere

Pay. The. Man.

Watch the GIF again and again. I still can't mark the exact time Devin McCourty breaks into view. He's not there, and then he is, and then he has the football. He returns this to the one yard line, where Stevan Ridley breaks through for a one yard touchdown run.

We actually spoke to Devin after the game to get his thoughts on the play:

I thought [the interception] was a big momentum shift. So much of the game is momentum, or how you started. I thought [the Vikings] got off to a good start with our defense not playing particularly well on the first drive, as [Minnesota] went 80 yards and scored a touchdown, and [then their defense] got a three-and-out.

We always talk about playing off each other and I thought [Minnesota] did a good job, and I thought that interception gave us a chance to play off each other. Me going out at the one yard line, and then the offense scoring, that was huge. That helped us get rolling and really changed the game. I should've probably scored on that chance (laughing).

PP: Do you have Stevan Ridley on your fantasy team?

DMC: You know me and Ridley have the same agent, so we're together watching out for each other (laughing). So hopefully people that have Ridley will put me on their fantasy team since I went out and got them a touchdown.

How can you not love him?