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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Gronk Does Gronk Things vs Mark Wahlberg's No-Five

The second seeds continue!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

2. Gronk Does Gronk Things

This was Rob Gronkowski at his absolute best. He admitted after the game that he had no idea what he had just done on this play. He threw himself out of the club, blacked out, and woke up in the end zone smelling of cigarettes, whiskey, and covered in glitter.

There are so many amazing parts to this GIF. The five Colts that Gronk just complete disregards. Julian Edelman's crack block that opens up the play at the start. Ryan Wendell trying his darndest to help out as a blocker down the field. The look from Tim Wright after Gronk lands awkwardly in the end zone, just asking him to please please please get up.

Gronk doesn't get better than this. Wait- yes he does.

15. Mark Wahlberg's No-Five

Two Gronkowski touchdowns in one? Who cares, this one isn't about Gronk, even though it shows that Gronk was inching his way back to reality.

It's an opera with Rob Kraft and Marcus Aurelius Wahlberg in the owner's box. Please answer Kraft's call, Mark. His heart is breaking. He wants acknowledgment. He wants pity. He wants to know that you know he exists.