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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Brandon Browner Lays the Wood vs Revis No, No, No

The second seeds continue!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

2. Brandon Browner Lays the Wood

This play ultimately comes back. The ball didn't lie and Akeem Ayers picked off a pass later in the drive. This was a bang-bang moment that, if penalties were reviewed, could have gone the other way. Browner hit the receiver shoulder to shoulder, but the force caused the San Diego player's neck to snap and collapse.

This is Brandon Browner's signature hit this season and it's all sorts of perfect. The Patriots need an energy boost in the second half of the second game on a road trip. Browner draws a flag because, duh, of course, but he injects a shot into the Patriots and sucks the life out of the Chargers.

15. Revis No, No, No

A Boston D Party special! This wasn't the first play on the season that Darrelle Revis made on the ball; this is in Week 8. But didn't it feel like this was the first play Revis made as a Patriot?

Prior to this game, it didn't feel like Revis was a Patriot as much as it felt like he was just wearing a New England uniform. He was playing well before, but he didn't play with the same attitude- and that's fine. He was the new guy adjusting to his surroundings in a new defense.

This was the play that re-introduced Revis of old, when he used to be able to shut down entire halves of the field. This was his coming out party as a Patriot and he has solidified his legend in New England.