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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Shorthanded Trickeration vs Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

The third seeds play host!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

3. Shorthanded Trickeration

Tom Brady throws this pass in under two seconds. This is crazy fast.

Oh, this is also the play where tight end Michael Hoomanawanui lines up in the left tackle position as an eligible receiver, while Shane Vereen lines up in the near-side slot as an ineligible receiver. The Ravens have no idea what's going on.

Watch 57 of the Ravens, running across the formation to make sure Vereen is covered. He sees Brady throw the ball to Hooman and just stops running. Completely flummoxed.

Terrell Suggs thinks he gets a free release at Tom Brady, which leads to the quick throw to a wide open Hooman.

Good thing this GIF is on repeat because there are so many great things to see. I could watch this forever.

14.  Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

A same game head-to-head!

Danny Amendola has been regarded as extremely overpaid for his output and production. He closed out the season as one of the most important Patriots on offense.

Remember last season he was the team's second leading receiver while playing without a groin muscle due to injury. He wasn't the same when asked to cut and the Patriots were all-too-happy to move away from Amendola this season.

The receiver kept at it, eventually earning touches as a kick returner. Julian Edelman was concussed at the end of the year and Amendola stepped up, got into a groove, and the rest is history. This is one of his two touchdowns on the day and it's obvious he made Tom Brady's job look easy.

This is a 4-yard gain on 2nd down that Amendola somehow turns into a 15-yard touchdown. That's all him- and a little bit of Brandon LaFell, who blocks two Ravens at the end to give Amendola the smallest of alleys to reach the end zone.

This is the play Bill Belichick highlights when asked why he "loves" coaching LaFell. So much goodness in one GIF.