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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Vince Wilfork's Jumping Squirrel vs James. Develin.

The third seeds play host!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

3. Vince Wilfork's Jumping Squirrel

Do you remember back in Week 3 when the Patriots needed a final red zone stand to beat the Oakland Raiders? That was a dark time. Luckily Vince Wilfork flashed his athleticism to snag an interception to seal the victory.

Rob Ninkovich broke up the pass. Logan Ryan kind of just got hit in the face with it, but Instant Offense directs the football with his face better than anyone else. Wilfork gets the ball and wants to go to the ground.

OH NO NINKOVICH IS RIGHT THERE! WATCH OUT! Wilfork does an awkward little squirrel jump over Ninkovich to make sure he doesn't land on and break the pile on the ground.

14. James. Develin.

The GIF would probably be better as a Vine. You need sound for full effect. Sincerest apologies. There's a huge THWACK and a CRUNCH and a POW and then a stumble stumble stumble for a first down.

But it's James Develin, so it's fantastic. His balance to run through the initial hit is wonderful and there is never a time Develin gets the ball where he doesn't end up hitting, like, three defenders and getting a first down or touchdown.