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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Hateful Run vs Nate Solder is a Former Tight End

The third seeds play host!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

3. Tom Brady's Hateful Run

Do you remember when this happened? This was the first time that Tom Brady said screw it, I'm running the ball and this was the first time he came up yelling all season.

After the game, I called this moment the time that Brady decided he was going to beat the Bengals. In reality, this is probably the moment where the Patriots decided they were going to win the Super Bowl.

If Brady is ever scrambling, it means trouble for the opposing team. I still can't believe that's now a thing.

14. Nate Solder is a Former Tight End

This touchdown never should have happened. Nate Solder was ineligible on the play before, while Cameron Fleming was the eligible lineman. They switched roles on this play. The refs should've flagged the Patriots for an illegal formation and had them replay the down.

But they didn't and we all got to see the Patriots retaliate for the Colts trickery during the regular season. Prior to the Ravens game, the last 2nd half touchdown the Patriots had allowed was to the Colts offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo, who was actually selected in the same draft and round as Nate Solder.

So why not? The Patriots wanted to stomp on the Colts in the most fanatical of ways and this was one of the ways they did it.

Oh, Nate Solder used to be a tight end in college, too.