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2015 GIF of the Year: Air Wilfork vs Blount is a Bowling Ball

The 4th seeds take over!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

4. Air Wilfork

I'm not going to front. I can watch this a thousand times and I still won't have any idea if Vince Wilfork actually blocked this kick. Regardless, can you believe that both games against the Jets came down to the Patriots special teams blocking a field goal?

That's the difference between beating the Colts at Gillette in the AFC Championship and beating them in Indianapolis. The results would've been the same, but could you imagine?

I don't know why the Patriots were so good at blocking kicks in 2014. But I will love every single one.

13. Blount is a Bowling Ball

Watch Rob Gronkowski on the far side of the line. He takes out two Packers and pivots as a wall of the rushing lane to make sure no one can take down LeGarrette Blount. It's beautiful.

Look at Nate Solder throwing his defender away before joining Sebastian Vollmer as Blount's convoy.

And then watch the interior. Oh no. Dan Connolly gets blown up big time. Right back into Blount. Ryan Wendell is trying to pull, but Connolly's now in his way. Bryan Stork is trying to block Wendell's gap, but he just kind of spins around.

Yet Blount gets a first down and the Patriots stay in the game against the Packers.

Please invest in the interior. Please.